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This site is dedicated to my battle priestess from the Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The site name comes from the character's guild nickname.

The site layout features Amatsu Underground Shrine, the third level of Amatsu dungeon, which is filled with fascinating monsters like Shinobi, Tengu and Samurai Specter. Definately one of my favorite places in the game.

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September 12th 2007 - Added a 190 aspd video to the Character page.

November 19th 2006 - Added some photos to the Album. Check out the Character page.

September 4th 2006 - lv99! Added a few videos to the Character page.

June 5th 2006 - Video of Kuma's first MVP attempt! Metal Bear Solid: Bat Beater (11.1MB).

January 31st 2006 - New video featuring Kuma and lord knight DarkBunny! Kunlun Arena (9.48MB). Check the Character page for other videos.

August 28th 2005 - New updated videos on Character page, old ones removed

August 24th 2005 - New screens in the photo album on Character page

April 4th 2005 - Added videos to Character page