A demonstration of what can be accomplished through some creativity and daring in Ragnarok Online character builds.

This site offers RO gameplay videos. Enjoy.

The Road to Enlightenment

Meet a falcon hybrid hunter (now sniper) from iRO Chaos iRO Ymir.

Kinky Kitten is currently a lv91 sniper, the meat shield DarkBunny is an agi lord knight.

You can view some videos of the couple in action to see the destructive power of balance hunter build and "omfg what's your agi" build.

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Kinky Kitten lv95, DarkBunny lv96

Kinky Kitten lv96, DarkBunny lv97

Kinky Kitten lv97, DarkBunny lv98

Kinky Kitten lv98, DarkBunny lv99

Kinky Kitten lv99, DarkBunny lv99


Sniper and Lord Knight



DivX codec is required to view the .avi files. Get the codec at http://www.divx.com/divx/download/. Programs used, all free and legal if you want to make your own videos:
www.fraps.com to capture
www.virtualdub.org to convert to DivX


2007/Aug/28: Video of Kinky Kitten with Morrigane set.

2006/Mar/26: New video featuring cuddly monsters from "Geffenia".

2006/Feb/27: A "New Menace" is threatening the world of Rune-Midgard. May the gods help us all!

2005/Dec/30: Happy holidays and a happy new year to all visitors! We plan to return in 2006 with new challenges. :3

2005/Aug/28: The wait is over! A couple of new videos under "Sniper and Lord Knight".

2005/Jul/10: Kinky Kitten turned lv99 on July 4th! Added videos under "Kinky Kitten lv99, DarkBunny lv99" and "Post-Rebirth".

2005/Jun/18: DarkBunny turned lv99 on June 16th! Added a video "The Croissant of Death".

2005/Jun/06: Video added for the audience's special request: "High speed Bunny (190 aspd)". Mayday! Mayday! Reaching Mach3!

2005/May/14: New video added. "Happy Chiv Friends" (Abysmal Knight + 2 Khalitzburgs and a Raydric).

2005/Mar/30: New videos of Bunny at lv97 and KK at lv96! "Poor Turtle" and "Turtle Island assault". Enjoy. ^_^

2005/Feb/01: Uploaded v2 of the videos with more efficiently compressed audio to reduce the file size.



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